Hyundai Cars

A relative newcomer to the American marketplace, Hyundai is a Korean automaker with a product line that has improved considerably over the past few years. Hyundai cars and SUVs provide a high level of content for an affordable price, and are currently backed by one of the industry's longest warranties.

Hyundai Getz Overview

Hyundai Getz FrontIn Australia, the little Hyundai Getz has had a stream of accolades that follow behind its rather suave and snazzy exterior. This is a little car that has been heralded as Australia's best small car in 2003 and 2005. And according to NRMA Motoring and Services, the great little Hyundai Getz is the most affordable car to own and run. Through the corners, the Getz is capable and safe. It has a tendency to push its nose wide and understeer earlier than you perhaps would like, but body roll is well controlled. However, the steering weights up while the Getz is cornering and seems particularly dead when you apply more lock. It's stable under braking despite a soft pedal, and offers a light, easy gearbox that's compromised by a long clutch pedal travel and high biting point. Petrol engines are smooth in town but can become whiney when pressed; the diesel, in contrast, is very refined at all times, and one of the smoothest in its sector.

To look at, the pint size Hyundai Getz is sophisticated and touches of class are evident with the neat little bonnet lines that sweep into the wrap-around front headlamps. The mesh grille houses the proud silver Hyundai badge, and the low raking windscreen elegantly blends in with the nice high roofline that hints toward plenty of cabin space inside. The black bumpers and door protectors look very neat as they glide around the Hyundai Getz bodywork. Designed with the European market firmly in mind, the Getz is a conventional but smartly designed supermini that was facelifted in 2005. Three- and five-door bodystyles are offered, from a smallish but well-judged model line-up. Hyundai knows what its customers want and therefore does its best not to confuse matters.

Hyundai Getz RearAll Getz are well stocked, which helps them compete with the Kia Rio, Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza. Step into the wide open doors of the Getz and enjoy sitting into the well sculptured and designed seats. Hyundai gets top marks here for the driver's seat, which offers plenty of Hyundai Accessories. A comfortable body position should be achievable for most body shapes and sizes. Interior ambience is pleasant and the look of the well appointed dash is tasteful to the eye. Perhaps the nicest matching exterior and interior colours would be found in the Hyundai Getz SXi, where the midnight grey exterior blends superbly with the grey and red cloth trim of the interior. But this is only my taste being presented - there is a wide range of body colours and interior blends that will match your tastes too.

Detailing is tidily executed and the Korean company has succeeded in making the Getz feel more upmarket inside than you might expect. All-round packaging and practicality is good. In the rear, it has lots of legroom, and is a feasible carrier for three thanks to a wide rear bench, lots of shoulder room and three full seatbelts and head restraints. The seatback has two positions - reclined for relaxed passengers outright to maximise load space. The boot is big too, and the split-fold rear seats create a large, flat load area. Space is adequate in the front, and the seating position comfortable, if somewhat high. Quality is good and equipment levels high, while a low kerbweight helps boost economy - particularly from the impressive four-cylinder turbodiesel.

Hyundai Getz ReviewThe five-year warranty is also fantastic, though higher levels of depreciation than some rivals dents the Korean's appeal a little. The Hyundai Getz comes in three guises. Each model is a hatchback and comes in S, SX and SXi varieties. The S and SX come as either a three door or five door hatch. The SXi is a sporty little 3dr number that just looks superb sitting on sexy 15 inch alloys. Drive this one around town, and heads will turn in your direction - guaranteed. Under the bonnet of the Hyundai Getz S, a nippy little 1.4 litre motor fires into life. The S model has the option of a five speed manual or a four speed automatic transmission. So, too, is power steering, front seat belt pretensioners, keyless entry, central locking, a six speaker stereo with audio controls on the steering wheel, and cupholders front and rear.

Not a bad list of items in the base model - eh? Add to this ABS and a leather steering wheel, and the Getz SX is looking very good. Now add 15 inch alloys and a racy body kit, and you can show off for the low price of Aus $ 16 490.00 for the manual. The SX and SXi models have the more powerful 1.6 litre engine that delivers 78 kW of power at 5800 rpm. Also on tap is a useful 144Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. This translates into some zip that can pull the little Hyundai Getz along at a fair crack. The chassis and suspension setup is well balanced and comfortable. Running costs are class leading, so, the Hyundai Getz really does transform the meaning of the word frugal.